Priority Queue: Insert Items In JavaScript

1. Overview

Whenever you insert an element into the priority queue, it will be inserted according to its priority order. So if you have an element with a high priority value, it will be inserted near the front of the queue. If you have an element with a low priority value, it will be inserted near the back of the queue.

The priority queue is a modified version of a queue data structure that allows you to efficiently support the basic priority-queue operations. In a priority queue, items are added at any time, but the only item that can be removed is the one with the highest priority.

2. Implementation Insert Items In Priority Queue

– The priority queue should insert items and respect priorities.
– The priority queue should peek at the correct item.


3. Conclusion

A priority queue is an abstract data type that is similar to a queue, and every element has some priority value associated with it. The purpose of a priority queue is to insert/remove the maximum or minimum item. Higher priority items are at the front of the queue, and lower priority items are at the back.

To insert a new element, you must traverse the array and insert it in the correct position according to its priority value. The first element of the queue is always the maximum from the rest of the elements of the queue. Later, all the elements are arranged in non-increasing order of their priority values.

Every item in the priority queue is associated with a priority. It does not matter in which order we insert the items in the queue, the item with the highest priority will always be at the front of the queue. Operations on elements are performed according to their priority values.

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