How To Change Priority Of Head Node

1. Overview

Changing the priority of the head node in a PriorityQueue can be done by using the priorityQueue.peek method. This method takes in two parameters: an element and a priority. The element is the object that you want to change the priority of, and the priority is a double which denotes what new priority should be assigned to it. The  priorityQueue.changePriority method will then update the PriorityQueue accordingly so that its head element has a new priority. You can also use this same method to add a new element with its own specified priority if you need to do so.

2. Goal of Priority Of Head Node

– It should be possible to change priority of head node in a priority queue.
– The expected order of the priority queue, when the priority is changed, is: 200, 5, 100, 10.

3. Implementation Of Priority Of Head Node


4. Conclusion

The head node of a cluster is an important component in running computations efficiently and effectively. With the HPC Job Scheduler Service installed on it, the head node can prioritize incoming jobs according to their priority level. This enables users to decide which resources are allocated for a given job, increasing the lifetime of cluster nodes considerably. Furthermore, by assigning different priority levels to jobs, users can ensure that critical tasks are completed in a timely manner. Anecdotal evidence suggests that changing the priority of the head node can provide improved performance benefits and more efficient resource utilization.

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