How To Append Node To Linked List In JavaScript

1. Overview

Appending a node to a linked list in JavaScript is easy. All you need to do is create a new node object and set it as the head of the list. If the list is empty, you can simply add your new node and it will become the head. Otherwise, you can use the insert method to create a basic structure, which we call “node”. Once you have created your new node, you can simply point it at the head of the linked list. This will add the new node to the beginning of the list and make it the new head.

2. Implementation of Append Node To Linked List In JavaScript

This passage is about a linked list, which is a type of data structure. It explains how to append a node to the linked list and test if it has been appended correctly. The code tests that the head and tail nodes are null before appending, then checks that the node was added correctly by verifying that the tail’s next node is null.

3. Append Node To Linked List In JavaScript Code


4. Conclusion

In conclusion, appending a node to a Linked List in JavaScript is an easy task that can be done with the help of a Node class. The insertion and deletion operation in the linked list is O(1) time complexity faster than the array. This makes it easier to add and remove nodes from the list.

By using the push method, one can easily append a node at the end of the linked list. So, if you need to add or remove nodes from your linked list, don’t hesitate to use the Node class for an efficient implementation.

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