Create Empty Linked List In JavaScript

1. Overview

Creating an empty linked list in JavaScript is a straightforward process. You need to first create a Node class which will take parameters value and next and initialize the two variables head and length. Then, you can insert nodes at the end of the list by creating a newNode object with a next property set to the newNode object. To check if the list is empty, you can check if the head points to null or not. Finally, if you want to insert an element at the end of the list, you can iterate to the end of list and add your element there. With this simple process, you are able to create an empty linked list in JavaScript.

2. Implementation Of Empty Linked List in JavaScript


3. Conclusion

Creating an empty linked list is a simple process. All you need to do is use the LinkedList() constructor. This will create an empty linked list with no nodes. Once the list is created, you can add nodes to it as needed. When adding nodes, you will need to specify their data part and their link part, which will be set to null by default. Once all the nodes are added, the linked list can be used for various purposes such as traversing the list and searching for specific elements.

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